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Kodi Set Up Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to set up on Kodi. We are using the newest version of Kodi as the example. Take a look at the screenshot below and see how it looks.

The first step is to download and install Kodi. You will need to choose the PVR client for this purpose. To do this, select Navigation to TV and then hit the Add-on browser tab. See the screenshot below:

You will then have to select TV. If the version of Kodi you are using is lower than 15.2, then select Live TV. A pop-up window will appear saying that you actually don’t have the PVR client. Just hit Ok. After that, a new menu will appear. You must scroll down and select PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Now it’s time to configure the PVR client. This has to be done before the client is enabled. Go ahead and click on the configure button.

Proceed and disable the “Cache m3u at local storage” radio button. This will help you keep getting new TV channels even as you set the IPTV.

You will now go and click the m3u Playlist URL. You will be required to add the network URL. Just paste the link that we have offered you in our account. You must make sure that the type is set to “m3u_plus and also the output is set at ts. Once you are sure of this, hit OK. See the screenshots below:

Before doing anything else, ensure that all the settings are done right. If everything is right, go ahead and hit Ok.

If everything has been done right, it should be easy to see all the channels listed. Once the program has finished loading all the files, just restart Kodi. You will see all channels now. See the screenshot below: