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Setting Up IPTV on Mag Box – The Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to help you set up IPTV on the Mag Box. The first thing you should do is to register your MAGBOX with us. Start by sending us your Mag Box MAC address. Once we receive your address, we will send you a unique URL back so that you can enter it into your Mag Box. Once you have done this, follow the instructions below:
Start by going to your Mag Box’s inner portal
Go ahead and power cycle your Mag Box and then press the GEAR button on the remote control and hold. This should be done while the Mag Box is rebooting. You will find the GEAR button in the middle of the second row of your remote control button.
•  Now move to the settings section
•  Press the GEAR button while you are still on the inner portal. This will ensure that you are able to access the Settings menu. Please note that in the portal there’s a GEAR icon. Do not use that icon. You must only use the one on the remote control.
•  In the menu, you will now have to select Servers option.
•  Here you will be prompted to enter the URL that we have provided. You can input the URL either in Portal 1 or Portal 2.
•  If you want, you can connect a USB keyboard to the device or use the virtual keyboard that is provided.
•  Once you are done, hit the OK button and save all the changes.
•  Now you will be good to go and you can start enjoying the IPTV experience.