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How To Set Up IPTV on SMART TV

For people who have a Samsung, LG or Apple Smart TV, you will need to start by downloading the m3u file to your thumb drive. The download is available on the URL we have provided so go to your account, and copy and paste it into your browser.
In this tutorial, you will get the instructions to set up IPTV for your LG Smart TV. For this purpose, you will have to download and install the Smart IPTV app. The app is free to download and install, however, after a period of a month, you will be required to make a one-time donation of 5.48 Euros.
Setting up IPTV on the LG Smart TV

The first step is to check and see whether your LG TV is compatible with the Live TV service. To do this, go to your TV and search for the Smart IPTV app. Make sure you also search for updates and all apps if you don’t see it.
1.  Open the Smart IPTV app
2.  You will see a MAC address displayed on the screen. Go ahead and write it down.
3.  Move over to this link using your browser.
4.  Once you are there, proceed to the section that is titled “Add External Playlist links (URL)”. REMEMBER the Mac address that you wrote down and type it there under the field labeled Link.
5.  Go to the countries drop down menu and ensure it’s selected as Various
6.  Go ahead and click on add link
7.  Once you are done, you will need to restart the SMART IPTV app.

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