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How to Set Up Amazon Fire TV/ Stick for IPTV

The Fire TV/Stick is a device that offers one of the best viewing experiences for people who want to watch IPTV and this is the tutorial that will help you set everything up. In this particular approach, we are going to use our PC to install Kodi for the Fire TV/ Stick.
The first step is to get the Adblink tool. You can download and install it from here.
We will need a Kodi version that can be installed into the Fire TV/ Stick. The APK version of Kodi will do and is available in this link for download.

For the installation of Kodi, we need to enable the “ADB-Debugging” option. You will also need to allow apps from third party providers. This can be done on the Developer Settings Menu found under System. See the screenshots below:

The next step is to get the IP address for the Fire TV stick. In order to find the IP address, go to System and then click the Info button. Go to Network after that. Here you will get the IP address. Alternatively, the IP address is also available under the router settings and is labeled “kindle” here.

Once you’ve found the IP address, write it down. Open the Adblink that you downloaded earlier in the first step. Under the Control Devices menu, click New.

On the dialogue box that appears, leave a description and then paste the IP address. Once you are done click on Save.

Once all this is done, clicking on Connect should make it able to connect us with the device.

Now it’s time to install Kodi on the Fire TV stick. Go and click on the APK you downloaded and open it.

You will get a number of alert messages. Click Yes on all of them. Wait until the app has finished installing completely before restarting or turning off your device.

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