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How To Make The IPTV Installation On An Android STB Emulator

There are specific IPTV set top boxes that are supported for this. They include the MAG 200, 245, 250, 260, 270, 275, and Aura HD. The first step is to download the STB emulator on your Android device.
Once you have downloaded and installed it, run the emulator.

On the right top corner, you will see the settings button, tap it. This would be the fourth icon from the right top corner.
See the screenshot below.

On the dropdown menu that appears, click on the profiles tab.

Once you are there, you will need to click the Test Portal button. Click on Add profile and then click on STB profile. See the screenshot below.

Select the device you want to emulate. In this case, we are using a MAG 250 but you can choose the one you want as long as it’s supported. See the screenshot below.

After clicking MAG 250, you will now need to click on portal settings. After that, click portal URL. On the screen that appears, you will be prompted to enter the portal URL. Simply paste the link that we have provided you there. See the screenshot below.

In order to enhance the viewing experience, you will need to change the resolution. Just tap the screen resolution tab under profiles. You will see a wide choice of options available. Choose the 1280×720 screen resolution.

That will be good enough. But there is still something else that you need to do. While still at the profiles page, go tap the MAC- address button. This is very important as it’s a MUST to change the present MAC address. The best way to do this is to change the last three character sets.
See the screenshot below.

Once you have done this, you will be good to go.

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