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How to Install IPTV on Roku m3u playlist Player?

You can get the m3u player on the Roku store. However, you can still add the player by clicking the icon named channel. Just go to the settings, click system and then update. This will ensure the playlist shows up in your channel list. See the screenshot below.







To add the m3u playlist, go to the Roku channel store and click Apps. Here you will see the m3u player. Go ahead and add it.

Once the app is added, open it and click on New Playlist.

You will be prompted to type the playlist name. You can name it the way you want. Once you’ve named the playlist, paste the URL we have given you on the address bar. Click Save and close the app.
Now start the app again and head to the playlist. Once you are there click Enter.
See the screenshot below.

You can now access all your channels here, so sit back and enjoy!

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