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How to do the installation on XBMC and KODI

Start by downloading and installing KODI. Make sure it’s the latest updated version.
1. Proceed and choose the PVR client. To do this, select Navigate to TV and then click on Enter Add-on Browser.

2. Proceed and select TV. For versions of KODI lower than 15.2, you’ll have to choose Live TV. A pop up will appear saying that you don’t have a PVR Client enabled. Don’t worry, just click OK.

3. After that, move down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.

However, before the PVR client is enabled, it has to be configured. Go ahead and click on the Configure button.

Proceed and disable the “Cache m3u at the local storage”. See the screenshot below:

Click the m3u Play List URL bar so that you can now add the m3u source. See below:

Add the URL and ensure that it’s set as “m3u_plus” and the output is “ts”. Once you are done click OK. See the screenshot below:

All channels will now be available and you are good to go.

The Second Option
There is also a second option that you can use for the installation in KODI.
Here is it:
Open KODI and choose add-ons on the left menu. See screenshoot below:

Move ahead and click install from zip file. After that, you will get the plug-in from this link. Install it!

Once the downloading and installation of the plug-in is done, download our file and save it on your C disk.

Move ahead and click on the plug-in that you’ve just installed

Wait until the installation is complete and then you will see the IPTV plug-in. Click on it and you’ll see the available channels. Start enjoying!

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