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How to do the installation on a Smart TV

If you have a Samsung, Apple Smart TV, or LG TV, start by downloading the m3u playlist. The playlist should be available at the URL we have provided. Once the playlist is downloaded into the thumb drive, plug it in to the TV. The thumb drive will upload the playlist into the TV and you can start watching.
But if your TV is not among the brands mentioned above but it runs on an Android system, you should follow the steps below:

1.  Installing the application
•  First you will need to visit this link

•  Install the Smart TV on your Android TV and now move to the next steps
•  Get the m3u link by downloading it from this link.

•  After this you will need to input the Smart TV’s MAC address and then upload
When you are installing the app for the LG TV, the same process can also be used for Samsung. So let’s see how you can do the installation.
Normally, you will have to follow two steps. You can download and install the app directly from the LG store. This is the easiest solution but you can also use a USB drive for other TV models. For the installation guide using the USB flash drive, follow the instructions in this link.
2.  Start the application
Open the Smart IPTV interface and find the Smart TV’s MAC address.

3.  Configuring the app
•  Once the application is started, it’s time to configure it. In case you want to use the BUYIPTV streams, you need to go to this link for more details.
•  Go ahead and enter the MAC address for the Smart TV you have
•  Continue and download the m3u playlist from the link we have provided in your account. Click Submit
•  You will see the message “Success” as well as an indication of the total number of channels.

4.  Select the channel that you want and enjoy.


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