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How To Do The Installation Of IPTV On A Linux Device

If you have a Linux based computer, follow the steps below to install the IPTV:
1.  Start by visiting Once you are there, download and start installing the VLC Media Player.
2.  Once the VLC player has been downloaded and installed, open it. Go to Media and click the Network Tab. Click the Open Network stream button.
3.  Once you are there, proceed and paste your special URL that we have provided in the address bar and then click the OK button.
4.  Start enjoying your stream. In case you want to view additional channels, you can access the complete channel list by clicking View and then Playlist.

How to Watch Live TV
If you want to watch live TV after setting up VLC on the Linux device, follow these simple steps:
1.  Open the VLC media player. On the top left corner click on Media. On the dropdown menu, click Open Network and then click Stream.
2.  Your unique URL should then be pasted on the address bar offered.
3.  Go ahead and click the play button and start enjoying the channels. To see the full range of channels available, go to view and then playlist.

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