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How to do the installation on a Smart TV

If you have a Samsung, Apple Smart TV, or LG TV, start by downloading the m3u playlist. The playlist should be available at the URL we have provided. Once the playlist is downloaded into the thumb drive, plug it in to the TV. The thumb drive will upload the playlist into the TV and you can start watching.
But if your TV is not among the brands mentioned above but it runs on an Android system, you should follow the steps below:

1.  Installing the application
•  First you will need to visit this link

•  Install the Smart TV on your Android TV and now move to the next steps
•  Get the m3u link by downloading it from this link.

•  After this you will need to input the Smart TV’s MAC address and then upload
When you are installing the app for the LG TV, the same process can also be used for Samsung. So let’s see how you can do the installation.
Normally, you will have to follow two steps. You can download and install the app directly from the LG store. This is the easiest solution but you can also use a USB drive for other TV models. For the installation guide using the USB flash drive, follow the instructions in this link.
2.  Start the application
Open the Smart IPTV interface and find the Smart TV’s MAC address.

3.  Configuring the app
•  Once the application is started, it’s time to configure it. In case you want to use the BUYIPTV streams, you need to go to this link for more details.
•  Go ahead and enter the MAC address for the Smart TV you have
•  Continue and download the m3u playlist from the link we have provided in your account. Click Submit
•  You will see the message “Success” as well as an indication of the total number of channels.

4.  Select the channel that you want and enjoy.


Another Tutorial:


How to Do the Installation on Android Devices

1. You will need to download Our App APK into your Android device first. The APK is available in this link.
2. Once the download is complete, go ahead and install the IPTV app.
3. Open the app is fully installed, enter your username and password that we sent you to your email. then click sign in button and start watching

How to Complete the Installation on the Mag25x

1.  Your Mac will need to be activated in the server first before you can move to the following steps. So make sure you are activated before moving forward.
2.  Go to Settings and click on System Settings. Click on Servers, move to portals and type the following “” in portal 1.
3.  Once you are done, click reboot portal.
4.  Click Proceed and then click Reboot Device
5.  The device will reboot and you can start enjoying IPTV on your Mac.
Here is a full breakdown with screenshots
Make sure your device is connected to the internet or to the TV and click Menu, Settings and move to System Settings.

Select Portals as shown here below

Paste the link we have provided above in Portal 1 and click Yes

Once the system has finished uploading, reboot the device and enjoy.

How to install IPTV on ENIGMA 2 using Putty

1. Go to Google and search Putty. (

2. Download and install it on your device

3. Once Putty is installed, go ahead and click open

4. Type the host name – This would be the box’s local IP address

5. Set the connection type to Telnet

6. Click Enter

7. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Go ahead and do it

8. Copy the Enigma 2 configure URL and paste it on Putty Ssh.
wget -O /etc/enigma2/ “” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/
Make sure to replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with yours

9. Press and enter and allow a few minutes for full installation.
10. Once the installation is complete, reboot the box, access the available channels and start enjoying.


How to do the installation on XBMC and KODI

Start by downloading and installing KODI. Make sure it’s the latest updated version.
1. Proceed and choose the PVR client. To do this, select Navigate to TV and then click on Enter Add-on Browser.

2. Proceed and select TV. For versions of KODI lower than 15.2, you’ll have to choose Live TV. A pop up will appear saying that you don’t have a PVR Client enabled. Don’t worry, just click OK.

3. After that, move down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.

However, before the PVR client is enabled, it has to be configured. Go ahead and click on the Configure button.

Proceed and disable the “Cache m3u at the local storage”. See the screenshot below:

Click the m3u Play List URL bar so that you can now add the m3u source. See below:

Add the URL and ensure that it’s set as “m3u_plus” and the output is “ts”. Once you are done click OK. See the screenshot below:

All channels will now be available and you are good to go.

The Second Option
There is also a second option that you can use for the installation in KODI.
Here is it:
Open KODI and choose add-ons on the left menu. See screenshoot below:

Move ahead and click install from zip file. After that, you will get the plug-in from this link. Install it!

Once the downloading and installation of the plug-in is done, download our file and save it on your C disk.

Move ahead and click on the plug-in that you’ve just installed

Wait until the installation is complete and then you will see the IPTV plug-in. Click on it and you’ll see the available channels. Start enjoying!

How to install on an iPad device or an iOS phone?

Start by downloading and installing the IPTV app from iTunes. Once you are done with this, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1
Open the app and click Settings on the top left corner


Below you will see the remote playlist button. Click it!


You will see the + button. Tap on it so that you can add the IPTV provider.
See the screenshot below.


Click on the add m3u URL button and add the URL we have offered you. Install the IPTV app and you will be good to go.
See the screenshots below:

How to set up IPTV on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV?

The first thing you should do is to download our Android app on Google Play. Go to this link and download the app. Alternatively, you can also use this APK to get the app. Download the APK and install the app. Your stream should work in the app immediately. It’s also important to note that the Android app is just recently coming out and you may realize that there are some features missing. They will be added one by one.

How To Load Your Playlist
Please note that once the app. is downloaded, it won’t contain any channels. It’s merely a tool that helps you access and stream the IPTV or if you want the OTT streams.
To open your personal playlist, follow the steps in this guide

How To Do The Installation Of IPTV On A Linux Device

If you have a Linux based computer, follow the steps below to install the IPTV:
1.  Start by visiting Once you are there, download and start installing the VLC Media Player.
2.  Once the VLC player has been downloaded and installed, open it. Go to Media and click the Network Tab. Click the Open Network stream button.
3.  Once you are there, proceed and paste your special URL that we have provided in the address bar and then click the OK button.
4.  Start enjoying your stream. In case you want to view additional channels, you can access the complete channel list by clicking View and then Playlist.

How to Watch Live TV
If you want to watch live TV after setting up VLC on the Linux device, follow these simple steps:
1.  Open the VLC media player. On the top left corner click on Media. On the dropdown menu, click Open Network and then click Stream.
2.  Your unique URL should then be pasted on the address bar offered.
3.  Go ahead and click the play button and start enjoying the channels. To see the full range of channels available, go to view and then playlist.

How to Install IPTV on Roku m3u playlist Player?

You can get the m3u player on the Roku store. However, you can still add the player by clicking the icon named channel. Just go to the settings, click system and then update. This will ensure the playlist shows up in your channel list. See the screenshot below.







To add the m3u playlist, go to the Roku channel store and click Apps. Here you will see the m3u player. Go ahead and add it.

Once the app is added, open it and click on New Playlist.

You will be prompted to type the playlist name. You can name it the way you want. Once you’ve named the playlist, paste the URL we have given you on the address bar. Click Save and close the app.
Now start the app again and head to the playlist. Once you are there click Enter.
See the screenshot below.

You can now access all your channels here, so sit back and enjoy!

Installing IPTV on an OPENBOX V8S

The first step here is to get the WEBTVLIST. You will also get a username and password by email. Download the link to your PC and then move to the following steps indicated by the screenshots.

Download your Webtvlist:
PS: Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with yours that you got by email.