Premium IPTV Reviews 2019

What our customers are saying about us

“I would just like to say that I signed up for the Lifetime Subscription and it has been great over the last 4 years. I also moved from Europe back to Australia last year and after an easy set up it has been working great. I also love the new VOD (Videos on Demand) which has a lot of great new movies in HD, a great extra feature.” Glenn Phillips

“Fantastic channel selection all in hd quality picture, I haven’t had any issues since subscribing. Keep up the good work.” Andy Mcginley

“Easy set up, good quality, highly recommended. ” Paul

“Very good IPTV ” Alaudin

“Just had my first few days with the service I am very pleased with the quality of the streams and quick UI . great for my sports here in the uk, thanks guys” Wull

“It quick and simple to I still and fast setup details sent to your email address, Also all the Irish channels I would need and more. ” Philip

“This is the best IPTV I have ever bought.Good connection and very quality pictures.This service does not cut off during 3pm matches as my previous supplier kept constantly cutting me off during peak times. I will recommend to anyone who is looking for a best IPTV. ” William Amissah

“Just got this sevice and it seem very good no buffering made up with it so farr ” Paul Cox

“Amazing choice of channels with good clear picture, also HD. Very fast changing channels too, really plesed with Premium-IP.TV. ” Edgar

“Very happy with the service, great value for money ” Jordan Lavery

“Brilliant service, lots of choice and no lag or buffering well worth the money. ” Jackie

“First time I order Premium-IP.TV and it is excellent.It is working on my Samsung Smart TV by Wi-Fi connection.Lot of channels ,movies,HD.To install IPTV need to carefull follow instructions and it is easy.” Emil

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